Right Hand Drive Conversion

As a Registered Automotive Workshop (RAWS) we specialise in right hand drive steering conversions for vehicles listed on the Register of Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles.
Eligible imported vehicles are modified by our expert engineers to meet Government ISO quality standards and requirements for the Australian market.
Our automotive workshop is governed by the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System which means we adhere to the highest possible standards and because our conversion service is of a superior quality the result is a world class right hand drive conversion for your vehicle.

SEVS Compliancing

Imported vehicles under the SEVS scheme must comply with Motor Vehicle Standards Regulations. This may require our qualified technicians to test or modify the vehicle to comply with Australian regulations. We offer a high competency compliancing service to ensure both a professional finish and consistency of workmanship that customers can trust.

2007- 2011 Toyota Tundra